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About urban jobs

Urban jobs is a full-service recruiting specialist working for clients around the world and matching candidates with job openings ranging from Work-and-Study to full-time positions. We are no temporary employment agency, but matching candidates directly with companies offering the perfect fit in the range of responsibilities, contract and location.

The companies that we‘re hiring for are innovative, growing and stable. Some are still start-ups, some are already medium-sized businesses, but what all have in common is a great team and a culture of responsibility and ambition.

Our service is free of charge for applicants and those who are interested in a new career opportunity. We work on behalf of our customers, which are companies offering Work-and-Study programs, student jobs, part-time and full-time positions.

Why we are different:

  • No temporary employment – Candidates will sign their contracts directly with the hiring company.
  • Free of charge for applicants – Candidates won‘t have to pay anything for our service. We will charge the hiring company when the contract with a new employee is signed.
  • All types of positions – We offer everything from student jobs and Work-and-Study programs to part-time and full-time positions.
  • Selection of employers – We scrutinize the work environment, contracts and corporate culture of our partner companies to make sure to really place candidates in a great job.
  • Selection of candidates – We will check all the documents and do interviews to find out about skills, motivation and desired positions, before we send detailed profiles of suggested candidates to our partner companies.

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